Perfectly positioned guardrail posts – every time

Guardrail GPS System from Groundwork

Ensure your guardrail posts are perfectly positioned with the Groundwork Guardrail GPS System

This advanced system is the only Guardrail GPS designed specifically for guardrail positioning.

Finish your jobs on time and minimise traffic disruption, with less time spent with closed lanes and traffic diversions. This system cuts guardrail installation time by 20% and requires less manual labour. Groundwork’s GPS solution installs guardrail posts to millimetre precision.

Stephen Beeby, President of Groundwork Group, is excited about what this product means for guardrail contractors. “A similar GPS system has revolutionized the solar industry,” he says. “Now it’s time for the guardrail industry to experience the same benefits.”


How does it work?

The system uses a GPS receiver and a tablet. The operator drives along the roadside, while the software tracks the points at a given distance between the guardrail posts. Finally, the software calculates the exact position the posts will be installed.

Intuitive and easy to use, the system then guides the post driver to the exact position for installation, by showing the bearings and direction on the display of the tablet.

On completion of the job, a CSV report allows a straightforward and error free workflow from the field to the office.

Guardrail GPS System from Groundwork


How do I get a guardrail GPS positioning system?

All Groundwork’s Pauselli and Mazaka post drivers can be fitted with this new GPS system. We can also retrofit your existing machine.

Groundwork also provides on-site training. We take care of set-up and make sure your operators are correctly trained in the system’s use.

Want to know more about the Guardrail GPS System? Head over to the product listing to find out more about this machine, and how it could help you achieve more accurate results. Click here!

Contact Groundwork to discover the benefits this system provides for your highway barrier installation business.

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