Solar Pile Driver Attachments that mean business

Solar Pile Driver Attachments - Shroud for Drill

Achieve outstanding results with these specialist solar pile driver attachments

Groundwork supply the most versatile pile drivers on the market, with a range of optional attachments to increase their performance.

The Pauselli 900 Solar Pile Driver is a true workhorse, ideal for rugged terrain. Performance can be enhanced through a range of attachments including GPS systems, a post extractor attachment, rock drills and screw pile drive units. Groundwork recently completed another install of this equipment, with great results.

The Pauselli 900 Solar Driver rocks Mauritius!

Stephen Beeby, Groundwork President, has just returned from a trip to Mauritius, to deliver and train a client with a new Pauselli 900 Solar Pile Driver. The result, as always, is a job well done – and a very happy client.

Stephen’s mission was to supply a pile driver powerful enough to drill into rock. The solar farm was located in a ‘cut and fill’ site 2 metres deep. The rock was 400mm in diameter with fines between the matrix of rocks. One of the main issues with sites like this is that while it may be possible to drill to the required depth, when the drill is removed, the hole is often left filled with clay and soil. Difficult conditions like this require specialist machinery, and Stephen has the solution.

Site of Solar Farm
Site of new solar farm

A standard DTH hammer drill is designed to drill through solid rock (clean rock) but in reality ground conditions often are not perfect. On a normal site the contractor needs to drill through soils or clay for 300mm (12 inches), then broken rock, and finally maybe solid rock.

Groundwork’s solution is to use an air DTH (down the hole) hammer drill – fitted out with an auger shroud (pictured below). The drilling shroud acts like a standard earth auger with the additional benefits of a DTH hammer drill.

Solar Pile Driver Attachments - Shroud for Drill
DTH hammer drill fitted out with an auger shroud

This equipment is ideal for the conditions, and will make it much quicker for our client to install their solar piles.

Benefits of fitting a shroud to a DTH hammer:

  • It’s fast
  • It’s affordable (retro fitting of the shroud costs approximately $3000 USD)
  • It creates a cleaner hole than using a DTH hammer on its own
  • The shroud can be fitted to a new or existing hammer drill
  • The shroud can be removed when not required

Find out more about the Pauselli 900 Solar Pile Driver, and our range of solar pile driver attachments, on our website.

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