Intelligent Installation – Groundwork’s Screw Pile Torque Reader

Screw Pile Torque Reader

Accurate screw pile installation guaranteed with the Screw Pile Torque Reader!

Ensure screw piles are driven correctly with this fully wireless, non-contact Screw Pile Torque Reader transducer system.

Groundwork’s solar pile drivers are a great choice for installing screw piles – but how do you ensure you’ve installed them correctly? Often they’re installed deeply, but not necessarily securely, and can be easily removed from the ground.

Monitor angle and depth with our state of the art torque reader

Groundwork’s screw pile torque reader is a fully wireless, non-contact torque transducer with state of the art electronics. The durable, tough design and inbuilt torque sensor make it ideal for field based work.

Screw Pile Torque Reader

How does it work?

This torque measuring system measures and records installation torque and inclination during the installation of screw piles. It measures the torque applied between two flanges – a highly accurate method of monitoring angle and depth – with a sensitivity of 10 ft-lb or less and accurate to +/- 0.3%.

The screw pile is installed, and the measurements are recorded and transmitted to a smart device with the Intelli-tork app installed (simply download from the App store). Data is captured by the program and recorded as a csv file.

Screw Pile Torque Reader
Intelli Tork Iphone App


View the file in the app and email it to engineers and project managers, for use with software such as Microsoft Excel for further custom analysis. Accurate recording of information is now much easier for your team, and multiple smart devices can be used to view the one drive.

Get expert advice today

Our screw pile torque reader makes screw pile installation easier and guarantees greater accuracy.

For more information on this, or any of our other pile driver attachments, check them out here.

Need advice on how your business could benefit from this torque system? Email us at [email protected] or call us on +1877 231 1830 (USA) or +61 1300 660 024 (AUS) to chat to us about how we can help with your upcoming projects.

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