Solving your on-site issues with Groundwork Solar Pile Drivers

Groundwork Solar Pile Drivers

Groundwork’s decades of industry experience make all the difference

Getting the most out of your pile driving equipment can mean the difference between a good, and a great job.

With over 30 years working in the civil construction industry, Groundwork CEO Stephen Beeby has the experience, knowledge, and contacts to ensure you get maximum benefit from your new purchase.


Groundwork solar pile drivers make your job easy, whatever it may be. Our pile drivers are multifunctional – so make your purchase really work for you. Groundwork’s wide range of attachments can transform your pile driving machine into an excavator, a drill, an augur and more. Attachments include a DTH rock drill, a concrete core drill and a screw pile drive unit.


Get your machine customised to your specific needs – Groundwork CEO, Stephen Beeby, works directly with our suppliers’ R&D teams. Ensure you get the best machine on the market. One that’s guaranteed hardworking and highly efficient.

Groundwork has the answers

New customers often approach us with concerns regarding equipment purchased elsewhere that isn’t up to scratch; equipment that’s causing them to lose time and money on the job. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and customer service – so here are the answers to some common problems you may be experiencing.

Groundwork Solar Pile Drivers

Issue #1: Your existing pile driver isn’t drilling holes deeply enough for the solar piles you’re installing.

We regularly get this issue from new customers. They have a pile driver and it was sold to them with the promise it could drill to the depths they need. However, they get to a new project, with tougher soil conditions, and their machine just isn’t up to the job.

Solution: You need a machine with enough hammer power for the conditions. Many pile driving machines are underpowered, Groundwork’s are not. We have 6 models, with impact energy from 830 joules to a whopping 1760 joules. Just let us know what work you’ll be undertaking and the conditions of the sites you work on, and we can recommend a model that we guarantee will be up to the job.


Issue #2: Setting out and positioning solar piles is an expensive and timely process. A lot of your time goes into correctly marking out and positioning the solar piles before work can start.

Solution: Groundwork has teamed up with its supplier to create the ideal GPS system for solar pile driving projects.

This GPS system consists of:

  • A portable survey base station
  • A machine mounted GPS receiver with touch screen control tablet AND
  • Two GPS aerials

Groundwork’s GPS allows you to either:

  • Prepare the project in the office and import the files to use on-site, OR
  • Create the project directly on the field by surveying the orientation points with GPS and tablet

Finally, the system guides the pile driver using the tablet’s control screen. Save crucial time marking out, and position solar piles with millimetre accuracy: a win-win situation.


Issue #3: You drill piles to the correct depth – then discover they aren’t installed securely enough and can easily be removed.

Solution: Groundwork’s Screw Pile torque reader. The torque reading system measures and records the torque between two flanges, with a sensitivity of 10 ft-lb or less and accurate to +/-0.3%. Through measuring the torque, you can ensure every pile is installed tightly and securely, without having to manually check each pile. This torque reader can be used with any new or existing pile driver.

Get in touch if this is a current issue for you.


Issue #4: Drilling holes can be a nightmare on some solar farm sites. You often end up with holes left filled with clay and soil.

Solution: Use an air DTH (down the hole) hammer drill fitted with an auger shroud. This shroud is designed to create a cleaner hole than using a DTH hammer on its own, and can be fitted to a new or existing drill and removed when not required. We experienced this problem recently on a solar pile driving site in Mauritius. Our client was working on a ‘cut and fill’ site 2 metres deep, and struggling to drill ‘clean’ holes.

Site of Solar Farm
Site of the solar farm in Mauritius on a recent pile driving project


Do these problems sound familiar?

Groundwork is always happy to discuss your needs, with no obligation to purchase.

Our mission is to supply the right machine for your business, and ensure on-site issues become a thing of the past. We’ll visit on-site to train your crew in the machine’s optimal use, for maximum results.

Get in touch to find out what our machinery can do for your business.

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