Demolish foundation piles with Groundwork Concrete Pile Cutters

Demolish piles effortlessly – with minimal noise, dust and debris.

Groundwork supplies a range of concrete pile cutters, specifically designed to effectively demolish or trim prefabricated concrete piles and even chimneys.

Got a project with in situ piles that need demolished or trimmed to the correct height?

Maybe you’ve traditionally been using air tools and found it frustrating, difficult, and hard on your gear (and your back)? Or perhaps you’re in an area where you need to consider the ‘neighbours’ and keep noise, dust and debris to a minimum?

Groundwork’s revolutionary hydraulic pile cutters are the answer.

Why are our cutters ‘a cut above’ the rest?

Groundwork’s cutters can be fitted to any crane or excavator with a hydraulic drive – or used in conjunction with a hydraulic power pack.

Other tools can only really remove the piles, while these cutters can trim them to the size you want! And they don’t damage the pile’s inner steel casing, so you can reduce costs by either reusing or recycling the steel.

Minimal noise: the powerful hydraulic rams drive steel wedges into the piles, breaking them down without creating excess noise.

Minimal debris area: the balanced design concentrates forces inwards, minimising and confining debris to a smaller area.

Easy transportation: these cutters are easy to transport to site, and quick to assemble.

Groundwork’s range of concrete pile cutters

Our cutters can defeat a wide range of pile sizes. We have models that will work for piles from 300 to a massive 1800mm diameter!

Concrete Pile Cutters Blog Post

Got piles of a smaller diameter?

Our high output KP400S and KP500S models offer huge labour savings and reductions in construction costs. The KP500S will demolish an impressive 160 to 200 piles (up to 500mm diameter) in an 8-hour day.

Got piles of varying diameter or larger overall diameter?

Our heavy duty KP315A and KP380A models are much more efficient than most other methods of pile removal, with an output of 48-60 piles per day. The KP315A cuts piles up to 1050mm diameter and the KP380A cuts up to 1800mm diameter.

Contact Groundwork if you want to break up concrete piles easily – without breaking your back too! Let us know the quantity and size of the concrete piles, and the size of your crane or excavator, and we can recommend the ideal pile cutter for your business.

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