How to determine the guardrail post driver that would be best for your business

How to determine the best guardrail post driver for your business

Invest in the right guardrail post driver for your business

Need to purchase a new post driving machine? This is a big decision – so it’s crucial you get the right equipment.

At Groundwork, we make sure you always buy the best tools and machinery for the job at hand – whatever the task may be. Check out our advice below for choosing the best guardrail post driver for you. These are the types of questions we ask all our clients when they enquire about a new post driver machine.

How to select the best guardrail post driver

Question #1: What type of posts are you driving?

Both steel and wooden posts can be driven with most post drivers, but it’s key to know the height of the posts you’re installing. If your posts are 3.5 metres (11.5 feet) or less, a smaller machine may be suitable.

Recommendation: The Groundwork 800 post driver may be your best option for posts under 3.5 metres.

Question #2: What are the ground conditions for the project?

Are you post driving mainly in soil? Most machines will drive posts quickly and to the correct depth in these conditions. However, if you often work in areas with harder ground condition such as rock and clay, the hammer power of the post driver is important.

Recommendation: The Groundwork 1000 model hammer delivers 1060 joules of energy – ideal for hard ground conditions.

Question #3: What other uses could your machine have?

Drilling into rock? An attachment such as the DTH rock drill can be used in conjunction with your post driver to easily drill through rock, granite and concrete.

Question #4: What is the meterage of posts you will be installing?

What size projects are you currently working on and do you hope to tender for in the future?

Do you mostly undertake smaller, residential work; or larger, highway barrier install jobs? The answer will help determine which machine is right for you.

Recommendation: The Groundwork 800 is ideal for smaller jobs and repair work. At just 2 metres wide, it’s great for residential work and usually requires just one lane closure.­


Dealing with a company that isn’t asking these questions?

Contact Groundwork for expert advice.

Groundwork has the best guardrail machinery for your business

Groundwork’s post drivers feature a 34.6 kilowatt water cooled engine. These are much quieter and more suited for warmer climates than post drivers with air cooled engines. They also have lower servicing and maintenance costs.

Superior hydraulic capabilities

Our post drivers have matchless hydraulic capabilities. The double hydraulic function allows you to move the mast up and down, while the machine moves on its tracks – making post installation much faster.

The hydraulics of the Groundwork machines also allow for the mast to be inclined +10 to -41 degrees, for angled installation or extraction of posts.

Groundwork’s guardrail models – at a glance

Check out the main differences between our three guardrail post driver models.

Choosing the best post driver for your business

For more information on the best guardrail post driver for you, and how these models compare to other machines on the market, email [email protected].


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