GPS Systems to Pile Drivers

Retrofitting GPS Systems

Traditional surveying and layout methods of pile driving are fast being circumvented by the latest technology of GNSS GPS systems.

The GPS System guides the pile driving machines to allow precise positioning (within 5mm tolerance from the design plan). Increased precision is just one advantage to using the GPS instead of conventional surveying.

Work hours can also be significantly decreased by GPS. What would normally have taken weeks to complete can now be done easily in the field, hugely reducing surveying costs.

Semi automated systems allow a tracked crawler to maneuver automatically driven by a remote. The crawler follows a projected map that is preloaded into a computer attached to the machine. When the mast is in the located position the machine will drive piles/posts in a perfectly vertical position and stops the installation at exactly the desired height. The automation removes risk to the user allowing a much safer option.

The GPS Systems can be retrofitted to all pile drivers and is the perfect solution for all photovoltaic projects, guard rail installation and agricultural projects.

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