Case Study – Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

Solar panel Cleaning Equipment is an essential component to any project! The following case study outlines the importance of cleaning Solar Panels.

There are millions of panels around the world generating billions of dollars power every day. Studies have proven that dirty glass on solar panels can decrease efficiency by 20 – 40%. For this case study we will use a 15% loss rate. The loss in power can accumulate to millions of dollars a year!

Case Study – Solar Farm – Location Australia

  • The farm generates approximately 148 MW per hour
  • The approximate selling rate for solar power is $200 per MW per hour
  • The approximate income generated from the farm is $200 x 148MW=  $29,800 per hour

Calculate this over 12 months:

  • Average sunlight hours=5 hours
  • 365 days x 5 hours = 1825 generating hours x $29,800.00 = $54,020,000.00

Over a 12 month period the panels become dirty and lose efficiency by 20 – 40%(for this example we have used 15%).

  • Annual Income = $54,020,000.00 
  • A 15% efficiency loss would equate to $8,103,000.00

The Solution: Effective cleaning of panels

  • The 148 MW farm has 413,280 metres to clean
  • The cost of cleaning the panels at .26 cents per linear metre is $107,452.00 per clean.
  • Each clean is approximately 400 hours
  • It is recommended that you clean panels at least 2 x annually.

The Results:

From a possible $8,103,000.00 loss, by installing a solar panel cleaning system, this potentially reduces the loss and increases the companies bottom line by a massive:


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