Efficient Solar Pile Driving

Mazaka 800 Pile Driver

Efficiency for solar pile driving is something that contractors cannot afford to get wrong!

Solar has fast become an essential part of the international energy mix. Over the past six years, the solar energy capacity has more than doubled in 45 or America’s 57 largest cities, according to a recent study released by Environment America Research & Policy Center. Honolulu, San Diego and San Jose were cities with the largest growth. Solar farms are fast appearing globally to the extent that land for such projects has become hugely sought after. The amount of posts required for these farms vary from a few hundred to a few thousand.

Over the past few decades, contractors have used a number of methods to install Solar Piles. They include drilling holes and placing posts by hand or using manual pounding trucks. These methods are now seen as archaic and technology has fast replaced these time intensive, labour requiring, not to mention unsafe, methods. Accuracy is of huge importance as a slight error can lead to racking systems that do not fit

The Autonomous Groundwork Solar Pile Drivers are unrivalled in their efficiency. Our machines are designed to drive steel solar piles, up to 6.0 metres in length, accurately and efficiently at a rate of up to 300 piles per day.

By installing the Stonex GPS System and using integrated software you can remotely position piles. All piles are perfectly aligned for the racking system. The STX GPS System can be installed on existing pile drivers or new pile drivers. The System uses GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).The software means that projects can be managed from the office, overseeing critical information such as work time, down time, fuel usage and machine location. By teaming the Stonex GPS system with the Mazaka advanced pile driving machines this eliminates the risk of human error and offers a proven combination of equipment that can be offered to global contractors.

The STX-SUITE GPS System can import the CAD design data of your site, removing the need for surveyors to physically set out pile points/pins on the project site; an estimated saving of $2,000 per day.  The height monitoring system ensures that piles are installed at the exact desired height eliminating the requirement of height lasers or plumb lines.

The system automatically self-drives your pile driving machine to a pile location and the auto-centering system automatically centers the hammer and mast directly over the pile point. The only manual task required of the operator, is to load the pile under the hammer. The Auto Height system will install to the desired height and with the press of a button the control panel confirms the pile has been installed correctly and the machine self drives to the next pile. With the requirement of only one operator it is anticipated that contractors can save up to $320.00 per day on staff resources.

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