Sheet Metal Pile Driving

The Groundwork Sheet Pile Drivers are manufactured to drive and extract I-Beams, sheet piles and round pile tubes, in a variety of soils and site conditions.

These sheet pile drivers can be mounted on to excavators or cranes ranging from 6 – 50 ton. There are two main types of sheet pile driving equipment available from Groundwork – These options include the standard clamp sheet pile driver which clamps the top part of sheet piles; and then there is the side gripping pile driver which clamps the sheet pile by its side.

Sheet piling is one of the most common types of earth retention structures. The common steel sections feature interlocking profiles to form a strong resistance to bending. Segments are typically made of steel or plastic retention and is commonly used for construction in piers, bridges, buildings, deep excavations and other construction sites.

Steel piles can be driven without extensive excavation, making it ideal for a range of soils, including hard or dense soils to soft rock. Alternatively, they are a common choice for deep soil penetration or large water depth retention, or a combination of these. The close interlocking feature makes it a common choice for the marine environment, although protective coatings, such as bitumen or concrete should be used to prevent corrosion.

When selecting equipment, a number of considerations should be taken into account, including pile driving resistance, ultimate capacity, pile stressing and soil set-up. Groundwork has a variety of pile driving equipment including impact, drop hammers and vibratory equipment. Talk to your Groundwork specialist today to discuss the best option for your project. View our range of Sheet Metal Pile Drivers here.

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