The Future of Solar Panel Cleaning – Solar Robots

Climate change, pollution and energy insecurity are creating the biggest problems of the century. Addressing the issues requires a major change in energy infrastructure.

The ideal location for Solar Farms, are deserts and similar landscapes. However, the barren nature of the landscape means that photovoltaic panels are submitted to dust, sand, wind and rain.

Studies have proven that dirty glass on solar panels can decrease efficiency by 20-40%.

With close to 200 countries agreeing to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the greenhouse gases they emit; solar energy needs to become less expensive. Few countries in the world generate more than 10% of their electricity from solar.* One of the significant challenges facing many countries is air pollution. Addressing the issue increases requirements for human resources, complexity and prove tedious. Technology for development of waterless robots, using controlled airflow and increasing efficiency have become extremely popular.

Groundwork Group now offer a portable robotic cleaning device. Features include a versatile portability function allowing the robot to be transferred from one panel row to the next.

The Solar Robots travel smoothly and with ease across the entire panel. They can be started manually by an operator, or now have new sensors fitted which measure soiling of the panels. These sensors reduce the cost of unnecessary cleaning.

Maintenance on the machines is minimal as they are designed to be robust and withstand extreme environmental conditions. Consumables such as brushes, friction belts, and batteries may require replacement after prolonged use. Consumables can be replaced on the field with minimal effort and time.

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