Hydro Vacs

The hydro-vac process, uses high pressured water to liquify soil, creating a slurry mix. This mixture can then be extracted by a powerful vacuum system.

It is a precise, non-mechanical and non-destructive method of excavating. It can be considered a safer method of digging and moving soil, with laborers remaining safe from machinery related accidents.

Hydro excavation can be used for landscaping. It removes the soil delicately while leaving the surrounding soil intact. Hydro-vacs have been used successfully in the plumbing and drain laying industries as they can dig through soil without damaging other utilities. They are ideal for digging trenches where tree root need protecting.

Removal of flood waters and chemical spills are another use for the hydro vacs. Companies that are exposed to risks following spills can remove the manual handling of spillage, while containing the hazard and returning the site into a safe zone.

Tractor and truck mounted configurations have become more popular as the demand for hydro excavating machines has grown. Not all projects have space for larger type excavators. The Groundwork Hydro-Vac range are easy to operate, designed with easy access to all features, controls and tools. They are easily transportable, with the Incline-Vac in particular transported on a smaller trailer and maneuvered easily into place. The clever design means the vacuum tank and water tank are both inclined, reducing the surface area of stored liquids; in turn this reduces the sloshing that occurs during travel.

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