Embracing Autonomy

In a recent survey carried out by Oracle about which industries will embrace Autonomous technology, Construction was amongst the list!
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The drivers behind this change are improving safety, labour shortage and increasing productivity. By embracing Autonomous technology companies can not only ensure that their team members are in a safer environment, but it offers a unique value opportunity for their customers.

Groundwork Group have two autonomous systems which fit nicely into this category.

The Groundwork GPS Guidance systems can be retrofitted on to many existing machines, including those in the highway construction industry, solar installation and marine construction. It not only improves productivity and safety, but it reduces error and the requirment for re-work.

The Groundwork Challenger Guardrail Installer is designed to automatically take one road barrier at a time, positioning it on two mechanical arms and moving the guardrail towards the already installed piles with precision and no manual labour. Reducing back injuries is a huge benefit to this machinery.

“Companies must embrace technology. It has the capacity to improve the environment for our workers and increase value for our consumers. Groundwork is continually looking for partnerships and working with developers to improve their range of equipment”, Stephen Beeby, CEO Groundwork Group LLC.

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