Concrete Pile Breaker

When piling contractors install cast in-situ piles, the piles are never finished at the correct height and need to be cut down to suit. The normal way of cutting down a pile is using a jackhammer and a couple of labourers.  The job is slow, hard work, injury prone and costs a fortune in waiting time.

For the past few years there’s been a number of systems available, diamond saws that cut the pile off quickly and cleanly or a concrete pile breaker.

The difference between the diamond saw and a concrete pile breaker is that you have the ability with the later to salvage the reinforcing to use to tie the pile and your foundations together.

Groundwork has the KP 315 or a KP 380 which is operated off the hydraulics of an excavator. Quick and easy to attach the pile  breaker is placed over the top of the pile and the operator and excavator controls the cutting process.  The process is to break the concrete from top down to the required height. This process is reasonably quick as the pile breaker will trim down 12 inches of concrete in three minutes.

What you are left with is brick and concrete on the ground being nice and clean reinforcing that can be used in the next concrete pour.

The benefits of using a concrete pile breaker are that; production will increase, injuries will decrease, and you will end up with a better final product

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