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Telescopic Boom Attachments


We started off the year in January looking forward to a busy and productive construction season. However as the year 2020 roles on, it has been plagued by the coronavirus; with global shutdowns and instructions from governments to stay-at-home and watch Netflix.

Business owners are sitting at home wondering what we’re going to do next. How are we going to get our companies back up and running and profitable quickly.

There are many answers but one of them is to look at your existing fleet and how you can maximise the usage of each plant item.  How can you extend its reach to maximise the usage.

One solution is to diversify the items of plant by adding attachments which will then give you opportunities that you haven’t had previously.

In particular, a perfect opportunity is to fit a telescopic boom as an attachment. This will allow you to excavate shafts and pits down to 80 feet. These shafts are commonly used for pumping stations, manholes, entry platforms and for tunnels or shafts

If you are interested in installing the telescopic boom onto your excavator, you only need to drop off you dipper arm which is done by removing two pins.  Connect the new boom up to the main boom. By connecting a few hydraulic lines, you have now transferred your standard excavator into a long reach specialized piece of equipment.

As a contractor you need to look around your local area and see what opportunities there are. Where is the closest boom situated?  We would suspect there is very limited units available which opens up opportunities to grow your existing business to your clients.

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