Guardrail Installation

Over the past 30 years, we have been using all sorts of methods to install our guardrail posts.

Remember the days that we had to drill holes with augers, then backfill by hand, and after a couple of hundred feet, we thought we’d had a great day?

Then came along truck pounders, huge, noisy, and leaked oil on the road. Now 30 years on from the first truck pounder came a Rubber Tracked Crawler like the MW 800 / 800s. These machines reduced labour on site and increased productivity to 1000 – 1500 ft per day for three crew members.

The MW 800s weighs less than 10,000 lbs and have an incredible punch to install the steel I-beam post within 20 seconds with it’s 1000j hammer.

Today we now offer you GPS post driving solution to control the Pounders. GPS Guardrail solution allows the Guardrail Pounders to operate from a semi-auto way to locate the next post, there is no need to use a tape measure or a string line to set you to post up.

 The GPS solution can be retrofitted onto existing machines as long as they meet the specified criteria. 

Furthermore, Groundwork has released the Challenger Guardrail Installer, this unit mechanically picks up the rail and positions it; to allow the team to install the bolts and block out. The Challenger Guardrail Installer can work with any guardrail pounder, as you see in the video -it is quick simple and time-saving.

 If the Challenger Guardrail installer is combined with the Guardrail Pounder and the GPS system; the contractor would expect to increase weekly productivity, reduce the staff levels and eliminate any possible hand and back injury from manhandling the rails.

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