Excavator Mounted Pile Drivers

With the
growth of the solar and construction industries around the globe, there has
been demand for hydraulic pile drivers to be fitted to excavators.  We are happy to announce this is now a
possibility as Groundwork are now manufacturing a range of excavator mounted Pile

 These attachments are able to be used for a
number of different tasks in the field.

 Screw piles

 The Challenger Excavator Mounted Pile Driver is designed to install screw piles of various lengths and featuring a torque motor of 17,000 newton-metres. The masts are also fitted with a CCTV unit to allow the operator to view the positioning of the pile to ensure it is in the correct place.  All models are fitted with this type of solution.

Hammered  piles

 The Challenger is also designed to carry an 1800J hammer with a maximum range of 9.4 m or 30 feet. This new mast length will allow the contractor to install a range of lengths of pile in the field efficiently and accurately. The basic package consists of the main attachment, hammer or screwdriver, CCTV for easy viewing for pile location.

 The benefits of using the Challenger attachment is that it fits onto your existing excavator, and if you only have a few thousand piles per site this is the ideal solution as this costs less than stand-alone pile pounders.

Don’t forget these hydraulic pounders can also be utilized for installing retaining wall poles, guard rail posts, or any type of driven pile.

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