Meet the new CHALLENGER Range

What are you looking for in your pile driving machine?  Is the hammer the correct size for the terrain that you are driving into? Are the beams more fragile (typically solar projects are more fragile that other industries)? What is the location? Is the terrain even? What are the soil conditions like?

In an ideal world, all projects would have a geotechnical report prior to contractors beginning work, however the industry norm seems to be to just go with the impact hammer.  This might work 9 times out of 10, but what happens to the other 1 time? Luckily Pile Driving equipment has advanced in technology which allows the decision somewhat easier.

Most units are now stand alone. The days of adding an attachment to a standard excavator has been phased out. Autonomy – many machines now have an auto plumb control which automatically lowers the mast of the machine perpendicular to the ground. These auto plumb systems have an inbuilt laser which allows the piledriver to stop driving once it reaches the desired height. Many machines also now come with GPS units or these can be retrofitted in some circumstances to existing models. This allows the project to be uploaded prior to beginning. It heavily reduces surveying costs and ensures that piles are installed with accuracy in both location, depth and angle. Some machines have a remote control functionality. This system allows the operator to prepare the next post while the hammer finishes driving the previous pole. Pile length is very much determined by soil conditions. However, the industry standard is 14-16ft.

Introducing the new Challenger Pile Drivers from Groundwork Group.

After consultation with a number of our contractors, Groundwork Group are now manufacturing the Challenger 400 and 600 Pile Driver attachments.

The attachment is designed to be mounted on and powered by a readily available skid steer, excavators and loaders. It is easy to transport and operate. With only two hydraulic hose couplers it is mounted in minutes and requires minimal maintenance.

View our CHALLENGER pile drivers here:

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