Beach Cleaning Series

Groundwork Group offers a range of beach cleaning equipment which have a multitude of uses.

The Evolution Series (120,135,165,205, HD) and the P & S Series are a variety of models that can be easily towed behind a tractor.

The machines have the ability for the operator to control the depth of the machines, from 0-20cm without having to stop. The series range from 120cm width to 205cm, depending on the size of the tractor that it will be towed behind.

The Beach Cleaning series is ideal for a range of uses from Beach Cleaning; collecting debris, sea weed, rocks and shells to grooming racetracks, golf courses or sports fields which have a sandy base. Resorts across the world are now using these tools to screen and aerate the sand, leaving beaches looking clean and well groomed.

For those who do not have access to a tractor, there is the Ecobeach option which is a walk behind variety.

If you have the requirement for a Beach Cleaner, please contact us at [email protected] today to discuss the best option for you.

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