Concrete Batching Plants

Concrete Batching Plants

Groundwork Group supply silos made in Turkey by industry experts. The silos come in two main categories – Stationary and Mobile or Portable.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Normally a larger set up than the Mobile or Semi-Mobile plant, the Stationary plant is used for long term projects. The benefits include higher efficiency and greater output, while there is less chance of equipment failure.

Cement Silo

The cement silo is used for business requiring continuous cement. High capacity and ergonomic designs mean that the silos are easy to use and maintain, ensuring they will have a long-lasting life span.

Kitset Silo

Designed for long service, the kitset silo is fast to erect, removable and re-usable making it an ideal semi-mobile choice.

They come in a standardised modular structure, meaning they are made up of individual sections and can be constructed on or off -site and assembled together at the final destination. This method allows for ease of transportation allowing re-location for multi-site re-use. The construction time for a kitset silo is approximately 3 to 7 days depending on the size.

Mobile Cement Silo

Can be incorporated into any Concrete Batching plant. The mobility gives the user the flexibility to remove which reduces infrastructure work. The Mobile Cement Silo ensures production capacity, while ensuring flexibility.

PAC Portable Concrete Batching Plants.

Smaller in capacity, the flexibility offered with the Portable Concrete batching plant means that you can begin work within hours of set up. Suitable for extending projects such as road tunnels and construction in remote areas.

PMC Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

 Larger in Capacity than the PAC, the mobile aspect means full flexibility.  All wearing parts are produced with robust materials and can be replaced separately, minimizing operating costs.

Container Type Cement Silo

Horizontal container type models have an advantage of less height restrictions, while the structure of the horizontal models have proven to be stronger and more robust than their vertical counterparts, which tend to split and crack under extreme weight.

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