Hydro Vacs

Hydro vacuum excavation is an alternative method of digging holes and clearing soil by using pressurized water. High pressure water is used for turning soil into a sludge which is then removed by a vacuum. This can then be either recycled or disposed of.

This method is ideal for uncovering utility lines and cables, as there are no problems with damaging the cables in the process. Landscapers have quickly moved towards hydro vacuum excavation as it can remove soil delicately while leaving surrounding roots and soil intact. Water can cut through frozen ground and is seen as a more cost-effective method to traditional digging. It is also ideal in areas that are restricted due to the size of the site.  It is also a much greener option as fewer greenhouse emissions are produced, and you don’t have to dig up an entire area, but instead using precision digging to dig directly around the problem area.

Removal of flood waters and chemical spills are another use for the Hydro Vacs. Companies that are exposed to risks following spills can remove the manual handling of spillage, while containing the hazard and returning the site into a safe zone.

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