1200 Solar Pile Pounder

Since the invention of the solar pile pounder there have been many changes to keep up with new technology

We have managed to introduce GPS controlled machines that will drive themselves. 

One of the major humbug’s with the solar pounders is that when it arrives on site, the team need to hire a crane truck to erect  the masts of the pounders.  This can be time-consuming and has an element of risk relating to health and safety of the staff doing the work.

The new 1200 model pounder which Groundwork is designed, now comes with a three stage telescopic mast.

What this means is that once on site, the contractor simply drives the machine off the truck and work can begin immediately. There are no delays.  The length of the mast extended – relates to the length of your pile. The most popular is a 20 foot pile.

While we were designing the mast – we increased the hammer drive to 1460 joules!

 This new 1200 model solar pounder is a new solution to problems of solar farm construction.

For further information follow the link below.

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