Solar Panel Cleaning Options

Research suggests that more than 30% of power is lost if PV panels are not cleaned regularly. Groundwork Group have a diversified range of Solar Panel Cleaners to choose from.

As Solar Farms have begun to build their arrays closer together, it is often difficult to provide any method of transportation between rows when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the panels due to the tight spaces. Groundwork have the Portable Solar Panel Cleaner available for this option suitable for PV Plants and roof top installation ranging from a few hundred KW to MW Scale.

For those difficult to reach areas, such as roof tops, the Groundwork HyCleaner is a radio remote control operated cleaner, which allows the operator to achieve optimum cleaning results without any physical effort or the requirement for stepping on any surfaces. Powered by lithium-ion-batteries, the washer does not require any external power source close to the working area.

The Dakar Arm and Brush is a tractor mounted cleaning option and still one of our most popular. It features a 1000L water tank to ensure longer cleaning times. There are 3 different cleaning brush lengths available, 2, 3 and 4 meters.

Our Mazaka Solar Panel Cleaners come in a range of 3 models – the MP20, MP35 and MP 40. Each model is equipped with a hydraulic system, and hydraulic gear pump. They have a diesel Mitsubishi water cooled engine. The MW – MP solar cleaner also feature laser sensors located on the washing brush. This allows the working distance of the brush to automatically adjust so that the distance between the brush and the surface of the solar panel is kept constant.

Finally the MW 40 BA is a tractor mounted cleaning option, designed to clean your solar panels.  There are 3 different lengths of brush. The tractor features a 1000L water tank.

All options have the capability of operating waterless.

If you are looking for a cleaning solution, please get in contact with us at [email protected]

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