The Barrier Install Unit

Groundwork Group have been providing construction equipment to companies globally for over 40 years.

Their range of construction equipment varies from drilling rigs, to pile drivers (guardrail and solar) to concrete batching plants to demolition equipment.

Groundwork Group supplies a range of Guardrail Post Drivers which can drill and install posts/poles up to 150mm and 2000mm deep.

A Stonex GPS system can also be fitted to the post drivers to assist in streamlining the process, ensuring accuracy, eliminating re-work and increasing productivity.

But most recently they have introduced an additional piece of equipment – the Challenger Guardrail Barrier Install Unit.

This machine completes the fleet for any contractors undertaking large guardrail projects. The Barrier Install Unit attaches to the post driver and is designed to guide and position the guardrail barrier onto the posts.

From here the operator simply inserts bolts and tightens them, without having to lift the guardrail at all.

The process increases accuracy, saves on time and staffing and eliminates the risk of back injuries from lifting guardrail.

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