Innovation in Guardrail Installation

Guardrail Installation

As international leader and trendsetter for guard rail construction we can say this by what we have achieved in the last few years with the innovations that Groundwork is designed.

 These innovations are;

  • GPS controlled Guardrail Pounders.
  • Guardrail placement units; this is where the guardrail was lifted off the stack and placed by mechanical machine which saves lifting and injuries plus it increases productivity.
  • We can make your guardrail pounder remote controlled which allows the operator to stand back from the hammer and still operate the machine efficiently.

 So why are they involved with this innovation work? It’s because in 2020 we need to start thinking smarter how we can reduce our costs, decrease injuries, and increase profit by the investment that you make.

 Around the world, hundreds of kilometres guardrail is installed every day. It’s time that it is mechanised to improve the environment and work safety standards.

 Our machines are running environmentally friendly engines; between level 3 to level 4.  Of course, this will help reduce carbon emissions and using the technology that is now available will shorten the construction time.  This is far better on the environment and of course there is less public inconvenience.

 The future for guardrail construction will change.  It will change quickly as technology increases and with a commitment from Groundwork these features will follow through on the new models in the coming years.

 The day will come when the whole guardrail construction will be done by two robot machines and only one or two supervising staff members.  This day is not too far off.

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