Groundwork Expands their range of Pile Drivers

Groundwork is expanding its pile driver product line with the introduction of three new models. The Challenger  Solar Screw Pile Driver  400 & 800 SD and the All new Challenger 1200 with a Telescopic 3 stage mast. Groundwork have combine efficient operation and accuracy into compact machines. These new models are well suited for working on solar installation projects, congested jobsites, and civil fencing and guardrail installation applications.

With mast arranging from 2.9m to 6 metres  allows the operator to drive pile up to 6 metre [ 20ft] and can remain fully assembled when transporting, aided by the 2 to 3 stage mast.

With transportation weights up to 5 685,6 kg for the Challenger 1200 , multiple units can be transported on a single trailer.

The Challenger range have machine-integrated controls located on the side of the machine.

  • Features a fully-functioning wireless remote control that can engage the hammer, accurately align the pile to complete verticality using the auto plumb feature and position the machine.
  • Both machines can utilize an optional laser receiver or a compatible GPS  system to help improve productivity by better aligning the machine to the specified pile install location.
  • GPS can be either manual, semi-automatic and full autonomous solutions

 The solar industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. Groundwork’s range of pile drivers have been among the most widespread machines used in the field.

When you hit rock or ground that is too hard to drive through, you can fit a rock drilling attachment to the machine. Drill sizes start at 68mm up to 350mm.

Both pile drivers are powered by a Yanmar 48 horsepower (36,5 kW) Tier 4 or 5 diesel engine. With a two speed travel motor the operator can quickly travel speed of 4 km/h.

With the hydraulic hammer pull-down, the operator will install pile or screws faster than before.

Both machines will be available now.

View the Challenger 1200 here.

View the 400 &800SD here.

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