The Groundwork Safety Anti-Collision Edges.

Designed to protect people or objects from being accidentally crushed by a moving Solar or Guardrail Pounder.
As the owner of a Pounder, you have the responsibility to eliminate all possible risk or injures to the staff. And of course, you need to ensure that your investment is not damaged.
The Groundwork Safety Edges can be wired into the Wireless Transmitter or fixed wired to the emergency stop switch.

So how does it work? If the Pounder moves on-site and touches any objects in its path with the safety bar, the engine will stop on the spot. 
To restart the engine, you either remove the object or push the reset button that allows you up to 10 seconds to back off the item. 
After 10 seconds, the machine will stop again to enable you to check your Pounder before continuing with the driving of posts or piles. 

Talk to us today about the Groundwork Safety Anti-Collision Edge for your machine. [email protected]

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