Increase Panel Output and Reduce Grass Fire Risk

Groundwork has the pleasure of introducing the only two in one Solar maintenance Tool. The MutiOne solar panel washer is designed to clean photovoltaic solar panels and help support and optimize the performance. It can also change attachments to convert to a multi-functioning grass mower.

Utilizing the solar panel washer and performing regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial to ensure your solar panels are not losing up to 17% – 25% of power generation due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other foreign matter.

The big rotary broom with a soft bristle lets you clean about 3.5 meters quickly without damaging the solar panels.

The solar panel washer can clean from 0,7 MW/h to 2 MW/h, depending on the surface type and the operator’s skill.

The spray bar is equipped with 12 changeable nozzles forward and back to allow the final raise off.

The water is softened to reduce lime staining. The big tank (500 l / 132 gal) and low water consumption of 250 l/h, 350 l/h r 500 l/h, based on the nozzles used; allows easy and quick cleaning of many solar panel rows array.

Mowing the grass reduces the fire risk and protect your investment. So before you clean the panels, attach one of the mowers to the Loader and cut the grass.

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