The Barrier Install Unit

Groundwork Group have been providing construction equipment to companies globally for over 40 years. Their range of construction equipment varies from drilling rigs, to pile drivers (guardrail and solar) to concrete batching plants to demolition equipment. Groundwork Group supplies a range of Guardrail Post Drivers which can drill and install posts/poles up to 150mm and […]

1200 Solar Pile Pounder

Since the invention of the solar pile pounder there have been many changes to keep up with new technology We have managed to introduce GPS controlled machines that will drive themselves.  One of the major humbug’s with the solar pounders is that when it arrives on site, the team need to hire a crane truck […]

Cutting of Concrete Piles

Cutting of Concrete Piles Breaking down of concrete piles has traditionally been carried out using hand-held pneumatic breakers. This method of work potentially exposes workers to significant health hazards associated with exposure to Hand Arm Vibration (HAV), dust and noise and it slow and costly. Nowadays there are numerous alternative methods available for the breaking […]

Excavator Mounted Pile Drivers

With thegrowth of the solar and construction industries around the globe, there hasbeen demand for hydraulic pile drivers to be fitted to excavators.  We are happy to announce this is now apossibility as Groundwork are now manufacturing a range of excavator mounted PileDrivers.  These attachments are able to be used for anumber of different tasks […]

Sheet Pile Drivers

Sheet Pile Drivers

For years,  Sheet Piling was a  specialised industry with limited contractors available to install sheet piles or I beams due to the availability and price of the equipment. Today  we see a new range of equipment arriving into the marketplace which suits many applications. Firstly there is the smaller sheet piledriver  ESF 1B for an Excavator of […]

Embracing Autonomy

In a recent survey carried out by Oracle about which industries will embrace Autonomous technology, Construction was amongst the list!See full article here. The drivers behind this change are improving safety, labour shortage and increasing productivity. By embracing Autonomous technology companies can not only ensure that their team members are in a safer environment, but […]

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