What is the cost of cleaning Solar Panels?

Why do we need to clean solar panels? The answer is well known but the cost is often kept a secret from some investors. Solar panels get dirty just like the window on our house; they need cleaned regularly. There are several options to clean solar panels, these are: Cleaning by hand Crawler based cleaner […]

Case Study – GPS System, Salome, Arizona

Traditional methods of pile driving installation is fast becoming a thing of the past. No longer are companies prepared to accept downtime waiting on surveyors, employ endless human resources and accept endloess hours of rework due to inaccuracies. Recently Groundwork were commissioned to provide 2 X Mazaka 1000 Solar Pile Drivers with Manual GPS piling […]

Efficient Solar Pile Driving

Mazaka 800 Pile Driver

Efficiency for solar pile driving is something that contractors cannot afford to get wrong! Solar has fast become an essential part of the international energy mix. Over the past six years, the solar energy capacity has more than doubled in 45 or America’s 57 largest cities, according to a recent study released by Environment America […]

Case Study – Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

Efficient Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel Cleaning Equipment is an essential component to any project! The following case study outlines the importance of cleaning Solar Panels. There are millions of panels around the world generating billions of dollars power every day. Studies have proven that dirty glass on solar panels can decrease efficiency by 20 – 40%. For this […]

Solving your on-site issues with Groundwork Solar Pile Drivers

Groundwork Solar Pile Drivers

Groundwork’s decades of industry experience make all the difference Getting the most out of your pile driving equipment can mean the difference between a good, and a great job. With over 30 years working in the civil construction industry, Groundwork CEO Stephen Beeby has the experience, knowledge, and contacts to ensure you get maximum benefit […]

Why cleaning solar panels is the best thing you can do for your business

Get maximum energy production from cleaning your solar panels Did you know that a dirty solar panel can lose up to 30% of its energy production? For your solar business to operate at it’s best, you need a fast and thorough solution to cleaning solar panels that requires minimal manual labour. Many people install solar […]

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