Time to reitre the Old Girl…..

Do you want to install 1400 ft per day…. then it’s time to retire the Old Pounder Truck! The old pounder trucks are some 40 years old. They’re run old diesel engines filling the environment with unhealthy gases.There are several certification issues with these old girls. Ongoing maintenance of the pounders Leaking oil on the highway […]

Increase Panel Output and Reduce Grass Fire Risk

Groundwork has the pleasure of introducing the only two in one Solar maintenance Tool. The MutiOne solar panel washer is designed to clean photovoltaic solar panels and help support and optimize the performance. It can also change attachments to convert to a multi-functioning grass mower. Utilizing the solar panel washer and performing regular cleaning and […]

Case Study – Guardrail Construction India

Groundwork has been in the Guardrail installation industry for some 30 years and has trained contractors in many countries in the best practice of guardrail installation. Our CEO, Stephen Beeby is well-positioned to share the best practice on the installation of guardrail. Study in India Today in India and many other countries guardrail is installed […]

The Groundwork Safety Anit-Collision Edges.

Designed to protect people or objects from being accidentally crushed by a moving Solar or Guardrail Pounder.As the owner of a Pounder, you have the responsibility to eliminate all possible risk or injures to the staff. And of course, you need to ensure that your investment is not damaged. The Groundwork Safety Edges can be […]

Groundwork Expands their range of Pile Drivers

Groundwork is expanding its pile driver product line with the introduction of three new models. The Challenger  Solar Screw Pile Driver  400 & 800 SD and the All new Challenger 1200 with a Telescopic 3 stage mast. Groundwork have combine efficient operation and accuracy into compact machines. These new models are well suited for working […]

Innovation in Guardrail Installation

Guardrail Installation

As international leader and trendsetter for guard rail construction we can say this by what we have achieved in the last few years with the innovations that Groundwork is designed.  These innovations are; GPS controlled Guardrail Pounders. Guardrail placement units; this is where the guardrail was lifted off the stack and placed by mechanical machine […]

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