Climate change, pollution and energy insecurity are creating the biggest problems of the century. Addressing the issues requires a major change in energy infrastructure. The ideal location for Solar Farms, are deserts and similar landscapes. However, the barren nature of the landscape means that photovoltaic panels are submitted to dust, sand, wind and rain. Studies […]

Traditional methods of pile driving installation is fast becoming a thing of the past. No longer are companies prepared to accept downtime waiting on surveyors, employ endless human resources and accept endloess hours of rework due to inaccuracies. Recently Groundwork were commissioned to provide 2 X Mazaka 1000 Solar Pile Drivers with Manual GPS piling […]

Happy Customers Update from Groundwork. Groundwork prides itself on superior customer service, from assisting customers with the right models and machines for jobs, to on-site training. We take pride in knowing we are supplying you with good quality equipment and machinery. Take a look at some of our happy customers who have received machines from us! […]

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