Guardrail Post and Barrier Installation Equipment

GROUNDWORK supplies a range of post driving machines to suit your guardrail barrier installation projects. Built from durable materials and featuring high performance post hammers, our machines will ensure your get the job done fast and save cost on labor. By including the additional Guardrail Barrier Install Unit, you will increase the accuracy and speed when positioning the guardrail barrier to the posts.

Guardrail Post Installation Process:


Install Guardrail Posts

Using our Post Pounding Machine, your guardrail posts can be installed safely and efficiently. 

View our range:

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Install Barrier using the Guardrail Barrier Install Unit

The Barrier install unit attaches to the Pounder and is designed to guide and position the barrier onto the posts, making it easier for the operator.

GROUNDWORK supplies the barrier install unit. View the product below:

click here to view Barrier install unit

Optional: CivDot Autonomous Survey Marker


GROUNDWORK also supplies a CivDot which is an automated rover system capable of laying precise survey points on your job site efficiently, saving you time and increasing productivity. It is suitable for Guardrail and solar farm projects as it is able to lay up to 4000 painted points on the ground per day. The CivDOT is also useful for guardrail post installation – It has the ability to locate where each post needs to be installed. This saves surveyors from needing to manually find each post point.

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