Barrel Heaters

Transporting of Bitumen by drums or barrels are common in Russia, Central Asian Republics, Iranian and Middle East countries.

This leads to a problem once the drums are at the bitumen plant.

To remove the Bitumen, the operator will need heat to melt the product to remove it from the barrels.

Your plants will heat and extract the Bitumen from existing barrels; this result will be safer handling and a cheaper solution for the end-users.

Bitume Barrel Heating Oven’s Features;

  • 30 barrel capacity,

  • 5,400 kg of product heating per hour,

  • Providing rapid heating with a high-capacity serpentine system for 3 compartments,

  • Easy and fast loading possibility thanks to hydraulic lifting mechanism,

  • Minimal heat loss with thick stone wool and aluminium trapeze insulation. 

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