Challenger 1500 Pile Placer

Groundwork supplies the CHALLENGER 1500 Pile Placer; designed to mechanically lay out and disperse piles on your solar farm construction site. With this machine operators do not need to physically load and unload piles. The 1500 is equipped with a powerful arm and magnet to pick up and place piles. The 1500 can be controlled using the supplied operator wireless remote. A GPS guidance system (Optional) can also be fitted to the 1500 for easy navigation around your job site based on your solar pile CAD plans.

The benefit of using the Challenger 1500 is to:
  • Increase productivity by using  mechanical placer
  • Reduce on-site staff
  • Reduce back injuries through lifting/unloading of piles
  • Reduce handling
  • Operator Remote Control
Self-propelled tracked machine with rubber traks soundproof diesel engine 48HP Tier 4
Translation speed: 2-4 km/h   /    1.2 – 2.4 M/h
Maximum pump flow: 78 L/m   /   17 G/m
Maximum working pressure: Mpa 15   /    2175 PSI
Oil tank capacity: 75 L    /    16 G
Fuel tank capacity: 75 L    /    16 G
Remote Control working time: 10 hours
Hydraulic movement arm with magnetic head. Suitable up to 20 w6x9 I Beam Max 150KG  /   330 Lbs
Weight: 3400 Kg  /    7500 Lbs
Dimensions: 3000mm length x 2000mm wide10′  x 7′ 2″ inches
Maximum load allowed: 4500 Kg   /    9920 Lbs

*Specifications subject to changes

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