Challenger 400/500 Pile Driver/Post Rammer

After consultation with our contractors, Groundwork Group is now manufacturing the Challenger 400 and 500 Model Pile Driver attachment. Designed to be mounted on and powered by a readily available skid steer, excavators and loaders, the Challenger 400/500 is easy to transport and operate. It utilizes the universal skid steer or excavator mounted. The attachment mounts in minutes with only two hydraulic hose couplers.

The options are:

  • Full remote control system – this increases the safety of the operator and team
  • Rock Drilling Attachment
  • Earth Auger Drill
  • Post Extractor

We provide online safety training and best operating practices related to this product. You can rest assured your staff will be well equipped to operate the post driver safely and efficiently.

 Challenger 400Challenger 500
Total Weight (kg)15001700
Drive Force (joules)9501060
Height under Hammer (mm)3500 with machine on the ground3700 with machine on the ground
Hydraulic Requirements80 L/min oil flow at 180 bar (optional 60L/min)80 L/min oil flow at 180 bar (optional 60L/min)


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