Cone Crusher

 POLYGONMACH, prefer and use worldwide known, top quality METSO, SANDVIK  in their stationary and mobile crushing plants.

This helps our clients in terms of operation, maintenance and spare part finding from any market easily.

Technical Specifications:

Crusher Complete5.400 kg (11.900 Lbs)10.400kg (22.960 Lbs)15.810kg (33.490 Lbs)23.000kg (50.600 Lbs)33.150kg (73.00Lbs)68.650kg (151.200 Lbs)
Bowl, Bowl Liner, Adj, cap, Hopper1.320kg (2.910 Lbs)2.680kg (5.915Lbs)3.525kg (7.765 Lbs)4.800kg (10.575Lbs)7.200kg (15.800 Lbs)17.350kg (38.220Lbs)
Head Mantie and Feed Plate600kg (1.325Lbs)1.200kg (2.650 Lbs)2.060kg (4.550Lbs)3.240kg (7.130 Lbs)5.120kg (11.280 Lbs)10.800kg (23.790 Lbs)
Maximum Recommend Power90 Kw 125 HP132 Kw 200 HP200 Kw 300 HP315 Kw 400 HP 355 Kw 500 HP600 Kw 800 HP
Countershaft Speed RPM750-1200750-1200700-1200700-1000700-950700-950


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