ERV 4 Series Side Grip Vibro Sheet Pile Driver

Install a range of piles with the ERV 4 Series Side Grip Vibro Pile Driver.

Groundwork supplies a range of side grip excavator mounted sheet pile drivers, including the ERV 4. These models are highly versatile attachments and can drive a range of piles including Sheet Piles, Steel Tubes, Timber Piles and H-I Beams.

Safer and faster than traditional Pile Drivers on the market, this model features a side and bottom clamp to easily pick up, tilt and turn piles for more accurate results. The ERV 4 attaches to a range of excavators from 20 to 25 tonne in size.

Weight (Excluding Adaptor) 1,680 kg
Eccentric Moment 4 kgm
Centrifugal Force 395 kN
Frequency 3000 rpm
Working Pressure 300 Bar
Displacement 135 l/min
Dynamic Weight 1,050 kg
Amplitude 7,7 mm
Rotation 360 Degrees
Tilt 20 Degrees
Auto Drive System Optional
Dimensions 140cm(L) x 140cm(W) x 160 cm(H)

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