Cylindrical Tanker Trailer

Groundwork supplies the Cylindrical Tanker Trailer. Contact us to for a quote.

  Specifications + Features
Model Cylindrical Tanker Trailer
Volume 20.000 to 65.000 liter tank volume with 1 to 9 compartments
Body 4-5-6 mm according to capacity S355JR quality steel or stainless steel
Unloading Compressor 2 or 3 head diesel or electrical compressor models.
Vacuum Engine PTO driven, diesel or electrical pump with mechanical or digital flow meters
Axles BPW, SAF, VALX or Certified TUV Turkish band drum or disc axles
Axle Lifting Front Axle can be lifted from truck cabin or on trailer
Suspension Air, Mechanical or Bogie Suspension system.
Please view our brochure for full specifications:
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