TrashVac – Rubbish Collector

Efficiently collect rubbish and litter from streets, parks, and other outdoor spaces. Supplied by GROUNDWORK, the Trash-Vac is equipped with a powerful vacuum capable of 1450 cfm of suction power. A pass-through impeller helps shred the littler for compaction once it has been collected by its powerful vacuum. The Trash-Vac excels in fence line and open area collection thanks to the maneuverability of the vehicle.

Features and Specifications:

  • Chassis: Tool cat frame, manufactured by Bobcat.
  • Drive Systems: Full-time 4-wheel drive.
  • Motor: 64 hp diesel engine.
  • Wheels: 27″(685mm).
  • Impeller: 20.5″ diameter, balanced for smooth operation.
  • Collection Box: 4 cubic yard capacity, hydraulic dump bed.
  • Reach: 10′(3m) reach; 4.5″(114mm) vertical range; 180″(4.6m) range left to right.
  • Intake: 12″(304mm) opening.
  • Cab: Heater, radio.
  • Suction Power: 1450 cfm at suction point, and 4700 cfm at exhaust point.

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