Mazaka 600 Guardrail Post Driver

This compact Mazaka 600 Guardrail Post Driver is ideal for road safety barrier installation.

Groundwork supplies the MA600 self propelled Guardrail Post Driver. Install both wooden and steel posts up to 2.90 metres in height. Drive standard posts from 160mm x 120mm in diameter. We can customise your machine to install up to 2.9 metre (9.54ft) posts. This high-performance machine has been designed for all day operation. Even in difficult terrain and harsh conditions, the Mazaka 600 is an efficient machine to choose.

Built with quality components from reputable, globally recognized brands, the range of MA machines are the best machines on the market. To ensure your machine is of the highest quality, each component is assessed. Choose the Mazaka 600 Post Driver for a completely customisable and reliable guardrail machine.

Download the brochure or contact us for more information.

Engine Mitsubishi S4Q2
Power 34.6 kW (46HP)
Hammer 830 joules
Hammer Height 2.9m (9.54ft)
Weight 2400 kg (5291 lbs)

We provide onsite  safety training and best operating practices related to this product. You can rest assured your staff will be well equipped to operate the pile driver safely and efficiently.


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