Truck Mounted Pounder

The truck mounted pounder was developed to serve high volume users, such as fencing contractors, municipalities, do-it-yourself ranchers and farmers, or anyone who wants the finest piece of equipment capable of handling the most difficult jobs. The truck mounted pounder will drive all types of wood or steel posts in nearly every soil condition and is now available as a custom-truck mounted option.
Engine: Mitsubishi Water Cooled
Cylinders (kW): 434
Hydraulic Hammer (Joule): 850
Weight of the Hammer (kg): 390
Beats per minute: 600 – 1100
Max Post Size (mm): 160 x 120 x 2700
Hydraulic Tank (L): 80
Transportation dimensions (mm): 1100 x 1900 x 1800
Horizontal movement (mm): 600
Total Weight (kg): 1260

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