HyCleaner Solar Panel Cleaner

HyCleaner Solar Panel Cleaner

Power generation from PV panels is adversely affected by soiling and dust build-up. Research suggests that more than 30% of power is lost if the PV panels are not cleaned regularly. GROUNDWORK supplies the HyCleaner Solar Panel Cleaner – the ideal washer to quickly clean and optimize the performance of your solar panels.

GROUNDWORK’s HyCleaner Solar Panel Cleaner allows for easy, fast and economic cleaning. The machine is controlled via radio-remote-control and allows the operator to achieve an optimum cleaning result without any physical efforts, or the need to step on the solar surfaces. Powered by lithium-ion-batteries,the washer does not require any external power source close to the working area.


Overall Length:

1300 mm

Overall Width:

1000 mm

Width (Chassis):

800 mm

Overall Height:

600 mm

Total Weight

80 kg

Width of Brush

900 – 1300 mm

Brush Diameter

300 mm


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