Challenger KR50 Rotary Drilling Rig

Easily transport the KR50 Rotary Drilling Rig from site to site.

Do you need easy transportation from site to site? Then choose the Challenger KR50 Rotary Drilling Rig. Designed for a quick transition and easily change from transportation to working state very quickly. Featuring a high-performance hydraulic and control system, this machine is user friendly and high efficient.

Developed with a special control system for rotary drilling rigs, the system can monitor the depth and dip angle. Modified according to the excavator hydraulic system, it is easy to operate and maintain. These models are all custom built to your needs. We understand that these machines are a large investment, so we design them specifically to your requirements.

Model KR 50 (16) KR 50 (20) KR 50 (24)
Excavator Size (ton): 14 – 16 20 – 23 24 +
Max Drill Diameter (mm): 1200 1200 1200
Max Drilling Depth (m) 16 20 24
Max Torque (kNm) 50 50 50
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