Laser Height System

Ideal for use in rugged terrain.

The Laser Height System helps improve height control accuracy for your construction applications on your job site, such as installing piles on a solar farm site. This system will make installing piles efficient and  save you time and operation costs on.

The Laser Height System comprises of the RXP-NL and the RL-200 Laser.


The RXP-NL attaches to your pile driver. This system will ensure the piles you are installing are at a consistent height based on your survey height information. It features simple, secure mechanical mounting, 360° beam detection, adjustable on-grade accuracy, plumb/tilt inclination, rechargeable battery operation, water and dust proof cast construction, and clear LED displays.

Laser Detection Angle 360 degrees
Total height sensitivity 100mm
Dimensions  Height 245mm, Diameter 110mm
Weight 2.0kg
Centering  Area Height sensitivity  100mm

The RL-200 Laser is placed on the ground via a tripod on your worksite. It projects a 360 degree laser beam at your desired survery height to allow the LS-B100 Receiver attached on your machine to align with the laser. The RL-200 will keep you working accurately day after day by providing the highest grade repeatability available (7 arc seconds). The Laser provides exceptional slope range, and it also includes a remote control function which can operate up to 1,000′ (200m) away.

RL-200 Laser
Laser Detection Angle 360 degrees
Laser Detecting Range 800m 2,625 ft
Dimensions (WxDxH)  128 x 166 x 357 mm
Weight 2.0kg
Operating Temperature  -20ºC to +50ºC

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