150 Model Hydro Incline-Vacuum

Access almost any work area with the 150 Model Hydro Incline-Vacuum.

The compact 150 Model Hydro Incline-Vacuum allows you to access almost any work area. Specifically designed for vacuum excavation and easy access to underground utilities, cleaning and resetting valve and meter boxes. Self-cleaning filters assure that the unit won’t lose suction over time.

The model 150 Hydro Incline-Vacuum is designed to perform a range of different jobs, applications and can be utilised in a variety of situations. Some of these include:

  • Cleaning a valve or meter box by using its hydro-vacuum excavation system.
  • Replacing damaged a valve box, or resetting a valve or meter box.
  • Removing asphalt or concrete from above and around a valve box using the hydraulic driven jackhammer or concrete saw.
  • Removing large volumes of water from a pit or meter box (utilising the 300 GPM hydraulic driven submersible pump).
  • Reaching difficult places. The hydraulic powered torque wrench can reach and exercise valves up to 40 feet from the Incline-Vac.

Download the brochure below or contact us here for more information.

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