Mazaka 35 Solar Panel Cleaner

Ensure optimum performance of your solar panels with the Mazaka 35 Solar Panel Cleaner

The Mazaka 35 Solar Panel Cleaning Machine is designed to clean photovoltaic solar panels and to help maintain and optimize the performance of the panels. The Mazaka 35 features a 3500mm wide brush that is capable of cleaning at a rate of 3700 m2/h. The Brush mechanism can also be applied to an excavator or a tractor. The Mazaka 35 features laser sensors located on the washing brush – this allows the working distance of the brush to automatically adjust so that the distance between the brush and the surface of the solar panel is kept constant.


Total Weight 5600 kg
Overall Dimensions  3250 x 1800 x 3250 mm
Brush Length  3500 mm
Engine Power 34.6 kW
Fuel Tank 60 L
Brush Water Tank 1650 L
Cleaning Rate 3700 m2/h
Water Quantity 27 litres per minute


If you need to calculate the cost per linear metre solar cleaning for your project, download our Excel Calculator Here:


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