Mechanical Stabilization Plants

Our fixed Mechanical Plant plants work 400-500 tons/hour capacity. Our highly engineered products with stable mechanical plant facilities have been the focus of attention of our many customers with ergonomic design and low cost.
Fixed Mechanical Plant facility, located in the main equipment:
• The feed hopper
• Tapes stock bunker
• Mixer
• Automation system
• Control Cabinet


POLYGON Cold/Wet Mix Plant, which is designed for mechanical stabilization, cement stabilization, and cold asphalt mixtures, always runs smoothly even on the most challenging projects and never lets you down.

  • Diversification of plants at different capacities in the range of 200-800 t/h, in order to respond to different needs of road, railway, airport projects.

  • Fully controlled production of mechanical stabilization, cement stabilization, and cold asphalt mixtures in excellent quality.

  • Specially designed twin shaft mixer for perfect mixing quality.

  • Cold mix plants have been designed for various production of homogeneous cold/wet mixes with aggregate, water, cement, reclaimed asphalt, bitumen emulsion, foam bitumen.

  • Thanks to standard production of polygon’s mixer, its arms, paddles, body parts with bolted anti-wear components and wear parts are very easy to replace and we can provide continuous spare part support.

  • Dosing belt flow sensors stop the system automatically when aggregate feeding is interrupted.

  • The capacity of dosing belts, ratio of cement, bitumen emulsion, and foam bitumen in the mix can be adjusted from the control cabin via a frequency converter.

  • Fully automatic control of production with optional PLC + computer control system, which also allows storage and reporting of all production data.

  • Compact design fits into a 40’ Open Top container (plants with 200 and 400 t/h capacity) which provides easy and economic transportation.

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