PMC Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Groundwork supplies a range of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants. Easy to operate, you can start producing concrete within a few hours after the plant is assembled.

The powerful pan mixer is equipped with adjustable mixing arms with robust mixing shovels and side scrapers, providing a short cycle time and a high, uniform concrete quality. High quality is also ensured by the integrated control system, which controls and monitors all processes and connected equipment e.g. a belt conveyor and/or cement silos.

This is a profitable investment which will soon pay for itself and return a profit for your business. All wearing parts are produced with robust materials and can be replaced separately, which minimizes operating costs. There is free access to all of the plant functions, facilitating daily cleaning, maintenance and service.

There are 6 PMC models available with production capacity ranging from 35 to 180 cubic meters per hour.

Capacity (m³/h)
Capacity (cu-yd/h)
PMC 35S3545.8
PMC 60S6078.5
PMC 100T100130.8
PMC 120T120157
PMC 160T160209.3
PMC 180T200261.6
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