Multi One Solar Panel Washer/Grass Mower

The MultiOne solar panel washer is not only designed to clean photovoltaic solar panels and to help maintain and optimize the performance, but can also change attachments to convert to a multi functioning grass mower.
By utilizing the solar panel washer and performing regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure your solar panels are not losing up to 17% – 25% of power generation due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other foreign matter.
The big rotary broom with soft bristle let you clean about 3.5 meter quickly, effective and without damage the solar panels.
The solar panel washer can clean from 0,7 MW/h to 2 MW/h depending on surface type.
The spray bar is equipped by 6 changeable nozzles. Large autonomy is assured by the big tank (500 l / 132 gal) and low water consumption bristels: 250 l/h, 350 l/h or 500 l/h based on the nozzles used between the 3 standard type.The rotary broom can be rotated to allow a easy and quick cleaning of many row of solar panel array.
Grass Mower 49 Model
Grass Mower 52 Model
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