MW 1000 Solar Pile Driver

The MW 1000 Solar Pile Driver is ideal for use in rugged terrain.

Groundwork supplies the MW 1000 Solar Pile Driver. This model has a 1,060 joule hammer and can install solar piles of up to 4.6 metres high. The 1000 model Pile Driver has been designed with a compact footprint –  This is ideal for transportation and minimizes environmental disruption.

Optional Features:

  • Laser Height Management System
  • Auto Mast Leveling
  • GPS Pile Location System
Engine Mitsubishi S4Q2
Power 34.6 kW
Hammer 1060 joules
Hammer Height 4610 mm
Weight 4350 kg

We provide online safety training and best operating practices related to this product. You can rest assured your staff will be well equipped to operate the pile driver safely and efficiently.

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